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Modular Manufacturing

Learn more about our most recent projects

Modular Manufacturing.jpg
bioreactive ankle.jpg

(L-R) Ronald Silva, Maftuna Rakhimova, Elena Bolotova and Benjamin Nnko  from the Modular Manufacturing Team.

(L-R) Jesse Gutaukus, Steven Doan, Landon Renzullo, Debbie Bragg,

James Lauden, Dhrumil Shah from

the Prosthetic Arm for Kids Team.               

(L-R) Gregory Cherry, Elijah Dufour, Andrew Tingley and David Reaves from the Bio-reactive

Ankle Brace Team.       

(L-R) Brandon Tracy, Lily Orelup, Jenny Pham, David  Puentes, Jonathan Carothers and Sonya  Perales. Predictive Fracture Networks Team       

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