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Prosthetics for Kids

Project Background

Year four of the Prosthetics for Kids team was successfully able to integrate the best design components of previous years. Each team member had a particular niche that they primarily focused on throughout development, and because of this the team was able to test many different design ideas throughout the spring semester. As has always been the goal for this project, our final product needs to be very affordable for the end user, with a reasonable costing bench mark being the price of a modern cell phone

To compare, we’ve broke down the variable costs for our new design to illustrate how cheaply it can be manufactured. Our most expensive device would cost currently around $ 400 to manufacture, however much of that price comes from the high price of higher end sensors like the MyoBand. As was discussed in the software section, we are no longer limited to any particular type of sensor, so the end user has the option to make use of a set of cheaper sensors as well. A base price for device with a simple sensor like the MyoWare Muscle sensor paired with Bluetooth communication, can be manufactured for about $ 100.

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