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Mission Statement:

To develop a modern system of delivering directional information to the visually impaired using QR (Quick Reader) Codes and Cell phone applications.


Mission Statement:

To further investigate piezoelectric devices that will new ways to recycle energy and access it where electricity may not be readily available.


Mission Statement:

To design and construct a working system that recovers waste heat energy and coverts it into useable electrical energy.


Mission Statement:

  Phase I – Complete building, compiling, and manufacturing of a see-thru nuclear power plant model and demonstrate the operation to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on February 15, 2013.

  Phase II – Design, develop, and incorporate a steam turbine system to the model.

wheelchair IV.png

Mission Statement:

To improve, complete and test the final prototype of the Solo Transfer Wheelchair (STW), which will facilitate the transfer of a patient to and from a bed with minimal effort.  Much of the fabrication will be done in collaboration with students at Platt Technical High School in Milford, CT.


Mission Statement:

To provide advanced prototype designs for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) at a low conceptual cost using 3D printing technology, while visualizing the models using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

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