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3D Printed Fractures

Mission Statement:

Create a more advanced model of rock fracture networks, specifically pertaining to the permeability of the model as water flows through the fracture networks within it using additive manufacturing and computer simulation to accurately convey geological findings in a tangible way on a small scale for USGS researchers.


Bio-Printing Environment

Mission Statement:

Create a 3D printing environment that is user-controlled, watertight, and can support organic materials. This is modified printer will help researchers and scientists conduct experiments during the printing process by creating the ideal environment for biomedical applications.

ankle students.png

Bio-Reactive Ankle

Mission Statement:

Weakness in ankle ligaments, from previous injuries, increases the chance in recurring injuries and the braces available on the market lack self-stabilizing and technologically advanced features. Create a bio-reactive brace to overcome this pain point in a patient’s recovery and future activity levels.


CT Smart Home

Mission Statement:

Turn a house that has not had any changes in terms of energy efficiency into an energy efficient model home and education center of Connecticut homeowners.


Modular Manufacturing 

Mission Statement:

Build a machine that will manufacture large scale builds for industry, using a combination of the best qualities of additive and subtractive manufacturing. Design a modular system that will accommodate multiple tools for anyone to utilize. This device will be optimal for businesses of all sizes and personal hobbyists at an affordable rate.

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Prosthetics for Kids III

Mission Statement:

This project relies on the idea that Additive Manufacturing Technologies could represent a feasible alternative for the creation of prosthetics; providing high levels of customization at a fraction of the current costs.


Smart Guitar V3

Mission Statement:

Design and build an aesthetically pleasing guitar with a built in computational device that is controlled by a touchscreen to adjust volume tone, audio compression, equalization, and distortion.

Gradient Purple Red

Wireless E-Data III

Mission Statement:

The 2016 Wireless Emergency Data Team made great strides in development of a safety system that encompasses a fall detect and a main hub. The fall detects communicate with one another and with the main hub that displays what specific fall detect has fallen. In 2017, the team will build upon the progress from last year to strengthen, condense, and integrate the device into a harness.

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