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What is MET²?

The Mechanical & Manufacturing Technologies for Energy & Sustainability (MET²) Program, better prepares community college and university mechanical and manufacturing engineering and technology students with technical, professional and entrepreneurial skills that are required to meet today's workforce demands.


The advantage of the MET² Program is that it prepares students to not only learn critical thinking and relevant technical skills including:

Mold/Pattern making

Composite and Smart Fabrics

Arduino - Electronic Circuitry

Blue Print Reading

CAD  - SolidWorks

Manufacturing Processes

The MET² Program also prepares students to enter the workforce with necessary professional and entrepreneurial skills including:

Business Modeling

Strategic/Project Planning & Management



Behavioral Diversity (DISC)

Emotional Intelligence


Intellectual Property


Established academic partnerships with industry, medical hospitals and government entities prodivde genuine, real-world challenges/problems to fuel projects explored by self-managed Program teams of students. Program teams are inter-institutional as well as interdisciplinary in order to capitalize on the synergy between the theoretical knowledge of university students and faculty (5 CT universities), complemented by the requisite hands-on technical skills of community college students and faculty (all 12 CT community colleges). Program teams will meet and conduct research culminating in a professional level final report and presentation.



The MET² Program aims to provide and believes in the ability of education to change the future, to move the planet towards a world of progress, harmony and wisdom. A good education leads to the creation of a fully-developed individual: mature, knowledgeable, strong and kind.

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